The best campsites to visit grottoes in the Ardeche

The Caverne du Pont d’Arc - The Chauvet Cave

Just metres from the famous Pont d’Arc, the natural stone arch that spans the river Ardeche, lies the Chauvet Cave. This conceals incredible cave paintings dating back 36,000 years and is a uniquely precious site of prehistory. To preserve the paintings, an identical replica has been created in stunning detail. Stay at a campsite nearby (there are a number to choose from) and you can easily visit to witness this remarkable legacy.


The Ardeche Grottoes

The Caverne du Pont d’Arc may be a headline but there are plenty of other underground attractions in the Ardeche. The Aven d’Orgnac is a breathtaking spectacle, majestic in size, and you should look out for other caves at Madeleine, Soyons, St Marcel and Marzal. The Grotte de la Cocaliere, in the Gard, is one of the most beautiful caves in France. Caves are a wonderful escape from summer’s heat and also the occasional shower, so bear these unique sights in mind when planning your Ardeche holiday.

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