Special offers for autumn on campsites in the Ardeche

Extend your summer in the Ardeche

The end of summer does not have to spell the end of your holiday in the Ardeche. The warm, balmy days of late summer are often some of the best - with many people back to work or school, you have the place to yourself. Enjoy the iconic sights without the jostling crowds, from Mont Gerbier de Jonc to the dramatic Point d’Arc. And stroll through picturesque, tranquil villages like Balazuc, Voguë, Labeaume and Alba la Romaine. Make the most of the warm, gentle weather of early autumn and see the busy vineyards in a different light, perhaps hiking or canoeing.


Campsites for the late season

Many campsites are open into the early autumn and as the liveliness and entertainments of high season fade away, a peaceful ambience prevails, offering a slightly different and uniquely appealing style of holiday. There are fantastic deals on offer to entice you to these quality campsites of up to 5 stars with their now peaceful swimming pools, wellness centres and, of course, excellent restaurants. So don’t miss out - head to the Ardeche where summer seems to last far longer than elsewhere…

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